Why not just build a website yourself?

Anyone can build a website these days — there are plenty of services that allow you to throw together a perfectly adequate site in a matter of hours. WordPress is a great platform for this, boasting excellent themes and infinite customisability. In fact, WordPress is just plain fantastic, able to cope with everything from the most basic of hobby sites right up to the New York Times.

So, you’ve decided you want a website and you want it to be built on WordPress. Good start! Heaps of functionalities are included as standard: you can create posts, galleries, and pages; you can promote your content; you can modify the look and feel of your site to your heart’s content.

1. Custom websites are completely customisable

But soon, you discover that the standard install doesn’t do everything you want. You do a bit of research and find a plugin that does just what you’re looking for. Excellent! You install it, and suddenly your site is that much better, it can do that one thing more. As time goes on, you keep finding functionalities you wish your site had, so you keep finding plugins that do the job.

Slow and bulky

After a while, you notice that your site is loading very slowly. Perhaps you’re losing traffic as visitors just don’t want to wait ten seconds to see your homepage (especially if they are on their mobile phone). What could possibly have gone wrong?

The problem is that many cheap plugins are bulky. Some access other servers (which slows things down), and some just plain don’t work.

So what can you do to solve this problem? You can either uninstall all your plugins and enjoy a fast but featureless site, or you can uninstall your plugins and hire a developer to create the functions you need.

Slim down

2. Custom websites are slimmer and faster

A professional developer will be able to tell you which pre-existing plugins do what you need them to do, and which are dead weight. They’ll help you trim out the plugins that are weighing you down.

Multipurpose tools

3. Custom websites solve your problem, not every problem

Many plugins are multi-purpose, but if you only want one of the functionalities it offers, the parts you’re not using is more dead weight! A professional developer can also create the perfect plugin for you, that provides a solution to the issue you are facing, not every problem in the world.

4. Custom websites stun and amaze

Perhaps this new plugin is something that hasn’t been seen before — amaze your visitors with its smooth operation!


New WordPress website?

If you’re setting up a new site for a business, or you’re ready to upgrade, it’s worth investing in WordPress website development rather than building it yourself. Your developer will make sure your site has all the functionality you need without unnecessary extras that slow things down.

At Performance Foundry, we build beautiful, fast WordPress sites, and we’d be happy to help you create the site of your dreams. Or, if you’re happy with your current site and just want it to be a bit faster, we can help you with that too.

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