You already know that real estate websites are a vital part of the whole sales cycle. It stands to reason that the design and development of your real estate site is a key foundation of your business.

At Performance Foundry, we develop boutique websites that showcase properties and drive leads. It starts with strategy, and finishes with increased leads and sales for your team.

Great real estate website development and design

Great design doesn’t start with a cookie cutter. It starts with a clear understanding of your business strategy: what properties do you sell, and to who? What are your marketing pathways, and how can we maximise them?

Once we know your focus, we can start developing a site that matches both your clients’ needs and your business plan.

Five things you must remember about real estate websites

Real estate is about people

Great real estate agents know that sales is about people. Your site is meant to connect people with your agents as smoothly as possible. From CRM integrations, to live chat and phone, we help you connect directly to your visitors while working with your existing systems.

Location, location, location

Whether it’s top of the block or top of the search results, location is vital. We do our part of the equation, by writing modern, standards-compliant code and ensuring it’s secure and fast-loading: and with hosting options in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific we can make sure your site is right where your clients are.

Access details on the road

Busy professionals and rushed parents are equally likely to grab their phone instead of sit down at their desktop when you send them a new property to look at. We ensure that all our sites are customised for the best browsing experience regardless of whether you’re on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or even a TV.

Did you know Performance Foundry can help with development or a WordPress retainer to improve speed and conversions or even WordPress hosting with maintenance built in. Ask us for a real estate website development proposal today.

Real estate website listings are competitive

If you build it, they won’t come… A website is a part of your agency’s growth engine, but it’s not a magic wand. Our staff are on hand to help advise on the best way to market your online presence, and get ahead of competitors.

Form and function must work together

We all know what a difference great photos make to a property listing. Your website is just like that: the big first impression that either turns buyers off, or turns them into prospective clients. Your site should be structured to allow easy access to key data, while being more attractive than your competition.

Some recent real estate websites

Here’s a few examples of websites that highlight real estate listings, either as realtors or procurement specialists.

Volare Realty

Section from Volare Realty Miami.
Section from Volare Realty Miami.

Volare specialises in new-build real estate in Miami, Florida. We designed and developed an easy-to-use back-end so that the team could easily create property listings that are informational but consistent. We also added a custom news feed that links into neighbourhood pages.

FEBC International

Header from FEBC International's Projects page
Header from FEBC International’s Projects page

FEBC International is a world-leading procurement company. We developed their site to highlight both their services and their portfolio. Check out the projects page, where properties are listed in a modern format.

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