Ever got a shock when you opened a bill? You skip through the text looking for that final number, and a little shock of dread drops into your stomach?

I hate that feeling.

We want to help people without sending any bills at all. You have a problem, and we have smart people to fix it. You have an idea, and we can turn it into reality. That’s what we want to do: achieve great outcomes and help you succeed.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce our new WordPress Retainers. You can have confidence in your budget, and we can give our best effort to working on your project.

What is a WordPress Retainer?

Simply, it’s a pre-paid monthly payment that gives you access to a certain number of Performance Foundry hours. The payments are worked out on a discount on our regular development rate, and can be scaled up or down as your business needs change.

Discounts range from 12% to 20%, depending on your needs. (See pricing here.)

Why do we specify WordPress? Because we specialise in WordPress. This little CMS runs over 25% of the web, from start-ups to some truly massive stores and websites. It’s not only practical for creating sites, it’s a fun ecosystem to grow in. Performance Foundry’s goal is to become one of the world’s best WordPress services companies; and our retainer packages are a step towards this.

How does it work?

1. Pick the number of hours you’d like to start with, and sign up to a package.
2. Chat with our staff by email, live chat or phone to set up initial work. We’ll show you how to create new requests in the future.
3. Work is done and presented to you for sign-off and launch.
4. Our staff pick up the next-highest priority task for you and get to work.

Performance Foundry will spread the hours across our staff, choosing the best team for each task. Whether that’s a strategy call, front-end work, or back-end development, we’ll assign the best person for it.

If you have a big project coming up (like seasonal sales!), update your hours and we’ll be able to help out with that too. When things are quiet again, just drop your hours back down. No contracts, no tie-ins.

WordPress retainers let you relax over billing
Relax over billing, with WordPress retainers

Who are WordPress Retainers for?

  • Companies that need regular access to trusted professionals, but don’t want to build an in-house team.
  • People that want reliable budget line items, while also keeping a steady stream of projects going.
  • Marketers that want to experiment often, and have fast-changing requirements.
  • People that love continuous improvement and iterative development.

We currently offer six levels of site maintenance package, depending on the amount of attention your site requires. You can scale up and down at any time, and extra hours can be purchased for large projects.

Do I need to have Managed WordPress hosting with Performance Foundry too?

No, although we’d recommend it.

Performance Foundry has a high-value, high-performance hosting environment that we know guarantees great performance and security. For smaller sites, our standard Managed WordPress Hosting gives you the foundation for success.

Simple sites with more than 500,000 pageviews or sites with high-volume or complex e-commerce or publishing needs may need a custom solution. In that case, we’d combine our retainer with a hosting solution that fits your needs.

Can we help you?

We’re really excited about the opportunities that our retainers will open up for our clients! It gives you the confidence to be able to experiment, iterate and grow your online business without worrying about the scale of the bill. With that foundation, you can accelerate top-line growth, marketing goals and customer engagement across the board.

Sign up for a WordPress Retainer