What do our clients have to say about Performance Foundry?

Kerri McConnel

Beer and Croissants

I’ve spent most of my years in the corporate world looking after customers, and after one too many bad customer experiences with my original host, I went looking for someone more professional.

Being fairly new to the blogging world at the time, I didn’t really feel as though I could justify spending a lot of money on a host. But it was hard to overlook my values of quality and integrity.

Time and time again, since signing on with Performance Foundry I have had my decision validated. Exceptional customer service, every time, and only the very best of help and support. The fact that they ring me a couple of times a year just to “check-in” is testament to the value they place on customer service.

Being able to do everything I need to to run my business is so much easier knowing these guys are my back end support.

David Lee

Travel Blog Success

Craig Martin has been a part of Travel Blog Success, my online community for travel bloggers, since it launched in 2010. Over the years, I’ve watched him engage and help bloggers firsthand.

In Fall 2016, when Travel Blog Success was experiencing multiple technical problems, in part due to changes in the server environment of our web host, I appealed to him for help. Because the issue was affecting our sales, he treated it as a high priority, working over a dozen hours to troubleshoot the problem.

Ultimately, we were able to resolve the biggest issue, and a host of smaller ones, by moving Travel Blog Success to Performance Foundry’s hosting. Since then, we’ve used Performance Foundry to perform a variety of small and medium design-related tasks, and have been very happy with the support and results.

I’m happy to recommend Craig and his team to bloggers everywhere!

Katja and Victoria


We had been unhappy with our previous hosting provider for a while and had investigated other hosting options but didn’t find one that we thought would be more reliable.

When we heard about Performance Foundry, we loved the idea but were unsure about the cost involved. Having been with Performance Foundry for nearly two months now, I wish we had made the jump sooner!

Signing up to Performance Foundry has been, without doubt, one of our best investments to date. Our site is faster, the load time is quicker and our page views have increased by one third in just a few weeks. We could not be happier.

Simon Pierce

Planet Ocean

I switched over to Performance Foundry from a budget host after I installed a “site down” monitoring alert. As it turned out, my website was regularly offline, and I was also noticing exploits such as URL injections. I’m trying to develop a WordPress-based business, and it was abundantly clear to me that my lack of technical knowledge was likely to result in ongoing problems.

I solved this situation by switching to Performance Foundry. Their expert, personalised assistance immediately meant that I have dramatically improved site uptime (it’s as close to 100% as it can reasonably be), and their specialised hosting led to a massive speed boost, which immediately resulted in more traffic. I’ve also got the peace of mind of knowing that magical ninja WordPress security elves (I’m pretty sure that’s how it works?) are securing my site from external attack around the clock.

Basically, Performance Foundry manages the site for me, so I can focus on my business. I’m so glad I made the switch.


Living the Dream

I migrated Living the Dream over to Performance Foundry as my site was growing beyond what my old host could provide and was experiencing frequent crashes and long load times. The migration to Performance Foundry was seamless and almost immediately my homepage load time improved by upwards of 90% before any other optimizations were done.

Whenever I’ve had an issue come up on my site, the support team gets back to me almost immediately with a fix. Many times the problem was being worked on before I even notified them about it, too. It is because of this that I migrated my second blog, Discover the Burgh, over to Performance Foundry just one month after Living the Dream and now no longer have the worry I once had to keep my sites running at their best.

Griffin Stewart

Founder, 5DayDeal.com

Since the last [problematic] sale we hired the team from Performance Foundry to do a complete overhaul of the site for speed and optimisation. If you need help with a high performance WordPress website, I highly recommend Performance Foundry.

Colleen Lanin

Travel Mamas

The best thing about working with Performance Foundry is that I feel I can trust them. And, they don’t take things personally or get wound up when I’m worried about something to do with my website. They assure me that everything will smooth over, and it always does. This calm and respectful attitude appears to be quite unusual among web developers. They have gotten me out of a few pickles that other tech support companies could not.

Chris Hargreaves

Total Utilities Management Group

Craig and the team have always gone the extra mile by taking the time to understand our business requirements, providing an extremely professional and efficient personalised service.

We recently requested Performance Foundry commence a trial of SEO optimisation. We are seeing real gains in turning clicks into hard leads through the expert analysis and detailed reporting that Performance Foundry provide.

We would happily recommend Performance Foundry to any other businesses that are looking to build a long term solid relationship with their SEO optimisation / website maintenance provider.

Jonathan and Kach Howe

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Moving to a fully managed WordPress hosting service with Performance Foundry was a massive step up for us from the self-managed options we had been using before. As our business has grown and the needs of our website have increased with it, we decided that it was time to hand over the management, maintenance and improvement of the technical aspects of the site to people who really know what they’re doing and understand how that applies to our business.

Since moving over to Performance Foundry we have seen a significant improvement in all areas of site performance, including page loading speed, database optimisation, security and overall user experience. Their technical support team is always available to take care of any issues we may have, urgent or otherwise, in a friendly and responsive manner.

The biggest advantage however, is in having the peace of mind that the heart of our business is being taken care of with regular input and monitoring, allowing us to focus on development, growth and of course the reason we started it all in the first place — travelling the world!

Rebekah Plotkin

Grassroots Business Fund

We recently redid our entire website, moving it from Drupal to WordPress. As we started testing the site, we realized it was slow to load and the mobile site was a disaster.

We called up Performance Foundry asking for help. Craig and his team did a fantastic job speeding things up and optimizing the site for mobile users. All of this while meeting our short deadline and a tight budget.

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