Performance Foundry’s owners and our team are doing our best to incorporate low-waste, energy efficient and carbon neutral or negative practices across everything we do.

Giving Back

2020 was a year that changed many things: for us, the global impact of COVID-19 hit our income, and made us re-think our business.

As New Zealanders, we’re lucky to be surrounded by rugged mountains, seas and forests. These natural places allow us to switch off from the digital world, and reconnect with ourselves.

Sustainability in WordPress Hosting - Performance Foundry friends hiking in native forest
Forest Walk, Rotorua, New Zealand

But biodiverse areas of native forest are under threat. Studies show that native forests do well in sequestering carbon, helping to slow climate change. And they’re beautiful. All good reasons to support them.

For every year’s Managed WordPress Hosting purchased, and every WordPress development project complete, Performance Foundry gives to Trees That Count to fund the nursing and planting of new stands of native trees — helping the climate, employment and biodiversity.

More native trees in the ground means greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, better physical and mental health and a whole country full of beautiful destinations to explore.

Trees That Count

We put the same amount of money aside to kick-start a charitable capital fund in the future.

Lowering emissions

There’s no secret that running data centres takes energy. Obviously building websites on electrical devices and serving them through the internet adds to global emissions.

We’re a small business and on a macro level, there’s not much we can do, but at Performance Foundry we:

  • Write efficient code, to reduce server usage.
  • Work with vendors who demonstrate solid environmental and ethical policies.
  • Purchase electronics with long usage periods, and from companies with robust environmental policies.
  • Reduce waste in our code and our local work environments.
  • Donate to charitable funds to minimise or negate our carbon footprint.

Sustainable employment practices

Sustainability is about more than planting some trees.

At Performance Foundry we embed low-emission habits into our work practices. We:

  • Are remote-first, and work from home, where possible.
  • Meet virtually to cut down transport emissions.
  • Prioritise public transport when using shared work spaces.
  • Minimise trips, and offset carbon emissions when flying for events or meetings.

We also ensure we support every local economy we contract in, by paying more than the living wage to every employee and contractor.

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