Need better performance? Choose a WordPress retainer package

A WordPress development retainer from Performance Foundry can help you re-focus on your core business, and help your website achieve the growth it needs.

While some WordPress retainer packages only focus on trouble-shooting and WordPress maintenance, we include developer time for every retainer client we work with. Our team is allocated internally depending on the best person to fit your needs: whether that’s strategy work with our CEO, custom API work with our back-end coders, or front-end performance… we have you covered.

Our clients run from busy e-commerce and publishing companies to SEO agencies and single-owner sites. We focus on WordPress as our area of expertise, so that you can focus on building the things that matter to you.

"If you need help with a high performance WordPress website, I highly recommend Performance Foundry.”

Griffin Stewart, Founder,

Your website is an essential part of your business — potential clients find you, learn about you, perhaps purchase products through your site. Maybe your website IS your business. Keeping it performing to a high standard is more than just a high priority, it’s imperative.

Are you the owner/manager of a busy website, who:

1. Is struggling with site speed?
2. Has received complaints about site performance from site users?
3. Doesn’t have the in-house resources to improve site performance?
4. Needs regular development work, but doesn’t have an in-house team?
5. Wants to have a competent, reliable WordPress development team on call?

Performance Foundry can help!

We created our monthly WordPress retainer with you in mind.

During the first month, we’ll meet with you to discuss your website focus and goals. We’ll put a plan together and start implementing it. Going forward, we’ll dedicate a certain number of hours each month to fixing the key issues identified in the first meeting, as well as making positive changes for continued improvement.

You can also use your dedicated hours to access our helpdesk — If you have a small problem that needs to be fixed, our developers will work on that as soon as possible.

To make sure we have all the information we need to make informed decisions about your site, a New Relic subscription is required. Prices start at $75 per month per server, and we can help you get that set up. Billing will be set up directly with New Relic.

Benefits of the Site Maintenance Package

  • Improved site performance.
  • Ongoing relationship with a trusted provider.
  • Excellent advice about how to move ahead with your site.
  • Save time and hassle — if you have an issue, you can come straight to us.

We offer six levels of site maintenance package, depending on the amount of attention your site requires. You can scale up and down at any time, and extra hours can be purchased for large projects.

These packages each represent a large discount off our standard development rates:

  • Five-hour package: 12% discount
  • Ten or twenty hours: 16% discount
  • Forty hours or more: 20% discount

If you’d like to get started straight away, we recommend you start off on the ten- or twenty-hour-per-month package. We’ll discuss options during your first meeting with us, and you can upgrade or downgrade the service as necessary.

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WordPress Retainer – FAQ

Am I locked into my WordPress retainer?

This is a month-by-month agreement, so you can cancel at anytime — you’re not locked in to a lengthy contract.

If you purchase the service but don’t want to move ahead after the first meeting (but before work starts), we’ll give you a full refund.

Can I scale my monthly WordPress service up and down?

Yes, if needed you can increase or decrease your service level through your account page. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend our popular 10- or 20-hour per month packages.

We can also offer a fixed rate project price for one-off work that sits outside your normal monthly allocation.

Is this a WordPress maintenance package, or WordPress development retainer?

It can be both! We perform a baseline of maintenance as part of our retainer, but we can also do serious development work. We will allocate development and engineering resources in-house depending on the agreed outcomes for each month.

Who works on my site?

At the start of your project, you’ll meet with one of our senior staff and a production manager to discuss your needs. Then, depending on those needs and the agreed priority list, Performance Foundry will allocate the most-suitable engineers. You will always have contact with your production manager to help with reporting, setting priorities, approving and deploying changes.

How do we start?

Start by booking a WordPress retainer package above. One of our staff will be in touch to arrange a first meeting very soon after. (If either of us thinks this won’t be a good fit after the first meeting, a full refund will be made.)

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