I’ve always been bad at mornings. I remember dragging myself into the waking world as a pre-schooler, and things haven’t really improved since then.

But I’ve been becoming more and more frustrated with that in the last few years. Why should I lose the first few hours of the day? Surely, although I am happy with my natural inclination to be a night person, I could do mornings better.

Things came to a head after reading the book Remote. Although Performance Foundry has team members all over the world, I wasn’t creating intentional periods of overlap between different timezones and team members. Part of this was because it was late in the evening in New Zealand and Asia when I was getting to my desk in Spain.

So, the frustration was already there when I heard a podcast from Smart Passive Income about early morning routine.

The miracle morning? Sounds like rubbish to me. The kind of happy clappy self help book that I find repulsive. However, since SPI is on my weekly listening list, and since I want to do mornings better, I went with it.

I might hate the book title, but I discovered I’m a fan of the core ideas.

Wake up

What is that core idea?

To do mornings better, have a routine that you want to wake up early to get done. Fill the routine with small joys that help you reach long term development goals.

Now that I have my routine in place, I find I’m getting up wanting to start the day. This morning, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I woke up feeling happy! If that isn’t a life changing start to 2015, I don’t know what is.

When it comes to leading a small business, the mental and emotional health of the leaders plays a big part. By doing mornings better, I’m discovering how to do a much better job at serving my clients, managing my team, and seeing immediate bottom-line results.