Turbocharge WordPress Speed
with this Turnkey Optimisation

Get better search results, more conversions and happier users with faster site speed. True story!

Speed optimisation is strongly correlated with better results in every area of web performance.

While we can’t guarantee it, we’ve seen better speed turn into more traffic and sales time and time again.

Our clients, from e-commerce and e-learning as well as publishers and marketers have seen great results across the board.

Get Fast Results With a Turnkey Approach to
WordPress Speed Optmisation

Don’t waste time and energy trying to understand and action the complex and contradictory instructions you’ll find online.

Website speed optimisation is always changing, and speed tests give different and conflicting information, depending on their priorities.

Our staff are WordPress experts, who create custom code as well as supporting an enormous variety of third-party plugins and themes. We can go deep while others band-aid on top.

Leave speed optimisation with us, and you’ll get a before and after report, as well as the next steps towards improving your site speed.

“I had major site speed and error issues that were cleared up right away by [the Performance Foundry] team.”

Bethaney D

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