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Website hacking is on the rise. Whether for fun or profit, more and more hackers are exploiting security holes to install malware that takes down websites, adds content for their own purposes, or redirects URLs to sales pages.

As a website owner, it’s a terrible feeling to see the site you’ve spent so much time creating offline or being manipulated. Not to mention the fact that the longer its offline, the more damage is being done. If your site isn’t up, search engines devalue it and visitors stop visiting — and that’s not a good thing.

Has your site been hacked?

If any of the following is true for you, you’ve probably been hacked.

  • Your site is displaying a large warning saying “hacked.”
  • Strange links have appeared in Google searches for your site.
  • New content that you didn’t post is appearing on your site, often by strange new authors.
  • You’ve received a warning from Google saying your site has been hacked.
  • You’ve received a warning saying your site is on a blacklist.

Our Security Optimisation and Malware Removal Package is the solution. Not only will we get your hacked website back online, we will harden your security to protect against the same thing happening again.

Benefits of the Security Optimisation and Malware Removal Package

  • Your site back online
  • Improved security to stop the same thing happening again
  • Ongoing monitoring

At only $490, this package is excellent value. We’ll get your site back up and running as soon as humanly possible, and work with you to make sure your site is more secure than ever.

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What’s included?

The Security Optimisation and Malware Removal Package contains everything you need to remove the malware installed by hackers, as well as ongoing care.

We will:

  • Run a front-end and server-side scan for existing malware.
  • Remove any malware that has been installed.
  • Monitor your site for malware for one month.
  • Reclean for free if reinfected during this time.
  • Audit your site’s security.
  • Take actions to strengthen security as a result of that report.
  • Make recommendations for actions you can take to keep your site as secure as possible.

We recently moved our website to Performance Foundry and what a difference! If we could go back in time, we would have done this sooner. For months we struggled with our old hosting provider, who could not keep up with our growing traffic. Frequently our site would crash during peak periods. It was very frustrating.

We were nervous about migrating our website to a new provider, which is why we waited so long. The migration was seamless and instantly our site ran faster (and our site has not crashed one time since joining Performance Foundry).

This is one of the best things we have ever done for our website. The price may sound expensive, but what you are getting is awesome support and access to a team of developers. Goodbye headaches, goodbye stress… I feel like we have someone looking out for us now and it is worth every penny.”

Julie Rivenbark,

Don’t wait — buy now!

What are you waiting for? If your site is down, you need it back up as soon as possible. If it’s displaying content you didn’t write, someone has access to your site and can do what they like with it. Kick out the intruder and lock the doors now with our Security Optimisation and Malware Removal Package.

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“We’ve experienced first-hand the anxiety that comes with a site going down — it’s awful. We want to take the stress out of getting your site back online. Leave it to us, we’re here for you.”

Linda, Customer Services Director

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