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Sometimes it’s necessary to do a large number of redirects to keep your site operating well. Perhaps you’re doing a rebrand, or you’ve made some big changes to your site — there are lots of reasons you might need to redirect visitors from one URL to another.

It’s possible to do this yourself, and if you’re changing just one or two links, that’s definitely the way forward! However, redirecting hundreds of links is hugely time consuming. Plus, if it’s done wrong, redirecting can cause problems with SEO.

Are you are a website owner who:

  • Has a large number of 404s?
  • Is planning a rebrand with a new domain name?
  • Is seeing slow-downs on redirects?
  • Is restructuring categories on your site?

Our Redirection Package is the answer. We’ll set up the redirects for you, and you can relax and enjoy your free time!

Benefits of the Redirection Package

  • Save time.
  • Know that your redirects are set up in secure manner.

At only $490, this package is excellent value. We’ll make sure your redirects are set up according to current industry best practise.

Can’t I just install a plugin?

You could… but here’s the issue: it’s going to really slow your site down. Redirects should be dealt with at the edge or server level: not at the app level.

You see, if you need to use WordPress to log and redirect a visitor, you have a few bottlenecks: you need to load WordPress to see that there’s a redirect needed; then you need to check in the database to see where to point them; many plugins will write a note to the database too, recording the redirections; then you need to load WordPress again to actually serve the page. The best way to redirect is to intercept the visitor before they reach your WordPress site.

How about my htaccess file?

At Performance Foundry, wherever possible, we use nginx (pronounced “engine ex”) over Apache. This has a lot of technical benefits, and also means that the htaccess file is never used. Redirects are handled on the server with a custom nginx file.

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What’s included?

The Redirects Package contains everything you need to get your redirects set up effectively, as well as ongoing care.

We will

  • Analyse the site.
  • Plan redirects.
  • Apply redirects.
  • Monitor the site for a month.
  • Assist with additional cleanup.

If you need help with a high performance WordPress website, I highly recommend Performance Foundry.

Griffin Stewart,

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This product is extremely good value, so we’ve placed a limit of five redirects packages per month. Don’t miss out! Get your project into the Foundry now.

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