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I highly recommend the Performance Foundry team!

Jillian Tobias, LogOn Media Strategies

Your website is your image online. It’s important to keep your site looking fresh, modern and up-to-date, to make sure your visitors have a pleasant experience and stay around to enjoy your content.

Like clothes, cars, and houses (among many other things), there are fashions in web design. A dated site can make your business seem out-of-date too, which can damage your image and lose you clients.

We recommend a full site redesign every three years or so, to update your website from the ground up. This allows you to incorporate new technology and cater to the changing needs of your audience. However, this requires a significant investment of time and money.

If it’s not the right time for a complete redesign, but you still want to make a change, a great option is to change your theme.

Change your theme

Perhaps your old WordPress theme is causing you headaches, or you’re just tired of it. Perhaps you’ve found the theme of your dreams and know that it’s everything you’ve been looking for. You’ve made the decision and are ready to move ahead — but you don’t want to break your site.

Fair enough!

Installing a new theme when you’ve already got a lot of content on your site can be a logistical challenge, and is best handled by a professional.

Luckily, Performance Foundry is here to help with our Change Your Theme Package. We are WordPress specialists in performance and optimisation, and we can make sure your new theme is installed safely and securely, with no data loss.

Benefits of the Change Your Theme Package

  • It’s safe. Because the changes aren’t being made on the live site, your data is safe.
  • It’s secure. Our process keeps your site secure during the changeover.
  • It’s fast. The actual changeover is so fast, people won’t know what hit them! Visitors won’t have to put up with a construction site while you’re changing your theme.
  • It’s easy. You can leave the hard work to us!
  • It’s affordable. We’ve priced this package to be within your reach. Just think about the time you’ll save!

At only $450, this package will save you considerable time, effort, and stress for a reasonable price.

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Don’t do it yourself

Yes, it’s certainly possible to change your theme yourself. However, we’ve heard so many horror stories of sites going down for days as a result of a botched theme change, that we wouldn’t recommend it.

When we first started out with our first blog, we struggled to find a way to change themes easily and safely, and we would have loved to pass the stress on to someone else. Don’t make the mistake we made — let us change your theme for you, and save yourself a considerable amount of time and hassle.

What’s included?

We will:

  • Give you advice about which theme to choose.
  • Create an exact copy of your current site on another server. This is called a staging site.
  • Install your new theme on the staging site.
  • Make some changes to the staging site so it looks similar to the theme demo (it never looks perfect immediately!).
  • Give you time to look around the staging site and make a list of tweaks you’d like us to make.
  • Spend up to two hours implementing these tweaks.
  • Schedule a time with you to launch the new version to your live site.
  • Push the new version over to the live site, merging elements that have updated in the meantime (such as comments and new blog posts).

This service doesn’t include the creation of a new theme, but we’ll help you find a good one! If you haven’t chosen one already we’ll give you a link to some of our favourite options. If you have a theme in mind, we’ll check it over for you to check its performance.

“Incredibly responsive and friendly service. The team at Performance Foundry turned around the promised work in no time and my site is cleaner and faster as a result. Thanks again, Craig!”

Ashlie Woods, The Beautiful Occupation

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This product is extremely good value, so we’ve set a limit of just five Change Your Theme packages per month. Don’t miss out! Get your project into the Foundry now and give your website a whole new look.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

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Linda profile Alcala“We’ve seen so many people struggle with theme changes, we’d love to make this easy for you.”

Linda, Customer Services Director

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