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Choosing the right online learning platform is key to the success of your e-learning enterprise. Forget the reviews: each platform has its pros and cons that can make it succeed for you. Or create a bottleneck in weeks to come.

You want to create a special experience for your students. From landing page to payment gateway, from sign-up to course completion. Of course, you need to minimise customer support when things don’t work. And you might have third-parties to work with: multiple teachers, district school boards, academic oversight.

You just want it to work, and work well. We get it!

At Performance Foundry, we’ve implemented and maintained projects on popular WordPress LMS Plugins like LifterLMS, LearnDash, and Sensei. We’ve extended them, patched them, customised them. We’ve also helped clients who integrated WordPress with Teachable, Udemy and others.

Bring your vision to our proven experience in growing, scaling and supporting online learning experiences. We can do great things together!

Why Build An Online Learning Platform?

Expand your Impact with an online course

Watch and learn…

  • How an online course can drive revenue for your business
  • The opportunity available in online learning today
  • How to quickly create the infrastructure needed

Common LMS Development Requests

Jackie needs to drive sales. Tom’s trying to train his sales team. Linda’s built an online teaching business, but now her website’s crashing with the number of students.

Each business grows in a different way. Our job is to help you identify the most-important bottleneck to fix – whether that’s site stability, profitability or automation – and zero in on long-lasting solutions. Then do it again – creating a powerful flywheel for your business.

Customising a WordPress LMS

As a WordPress development agency with a focus on e-learning and e-commerce, some of our most common customisation requests include:

  • Changing the look and feel of pages and course material
  • Protecting video and PDF content from being downloaded by non-students
  • Speeding up the load time of course materials
  • Customising user roles to allow for various business and academic oversight
  • Custom reports and reporting automations

Selling Online Courses with a WordPress LMS and WooCommerce

Every WordPress LMS Plugin has some way of getting paid. This built-in option can be suitable for many use-cases, but more options are available when combining with WooCommerce — the world’s most-used e-commerce system.

By combining with WooCommerce you can:

  • Sell courses, memberships, digital downloads, physical products, services and subscriptions all from one e-commerce platform
  • Create checkout experiences with funnels, up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells and bumps
  • Integrate with email automation software for abandoned carts, review requests, and email marketing
  • Connect with your CRM, ERP, accounting software, and any other acronyms you need.

Using a WordPress LMS to get leads

Online Courses can be a powerful way to educate and qualify an audience. Offer these for free with a simple name-and-email sign-up, or create self-liquidating courses, where the cost of entry pays for the advertising.

From landing page to email automation, this is a powerful technique for service-based businesses, consultants and any company selling physical and digital products through education.

Creating online learning experiences for professional and academic qualifications using a WordPress LMS

Yes, it’s entirely possible to create WordPress learning platforms for professional development — in house or for public purchase. And the same goes for online learning in schools, universities and other colleges. Even integrate with the Experience API (xAPI), formerly known as the TIN CAN project.

WordPress’s open-source code combined with enterprise-level hosting and a solid WordPress development agency are a perfect fit to build your learning experience.

WordPress as a multi-teacher learning platform (a Udemy clone)

Ready to take on the World? Or to create a center of excellence in your field?

WordPress LMS plugins support multiple teachers and their courses. With class-level and full admin-level reporting, you can work with your staff or individual contributors.

Sell individual courses, membership to multiple courses, or bundles to customers. Share revenue with creators or charge them management fees – it’s your choice as you build your own platform.

Let’s do this!

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