We’ve planted

25 Trees

At October 31, 2020

Like many of our clients, COVID-19 caused some upset in our business.

And as we’ve been coming to grips with our changing world, we realised that we wanted to be doing more for it.

When we work online all day, it can be easy to think that everything’s digital. The white/blue glare of the screen. The next funnel. The eternal scrolling.

But there’s green in the world, and we’d like to see some more of it.

Introducing our Sustainability Goals

We’ve written up Performance Foundry’s Sustainability practice.

It includes donating for social good, and the fledgling start of a new fund which we hope to see more of in the future.

It also shares, for the first time, little ways that we embed sustainable living into our everyday work lives.

Introducing Trees That Count

We’re starting small with a social enterprise that covers things we’re passionate about: a bio-diverse and natural environment.

Trees That Count is a conservation charity that aims to plant 200 million native trees across New Zealand.

Trees that count logo

They provide a marketplace for people like us to fund the trees’ nursing, and then community groups can have those trees donated, and plant them throughout their local environments.

These trees are targeted to sequester carbon, clean waterways, and will provide beautiful, unique and wild environments for native birds and other creatures.

How are we helping?

This hasn’t been an easy year for our business.

We’ve been helping our clients navigate COVID-19 changes to their businesses. We’ve discounted services for many impacted clients, and stepped up the amount of gratis strategy calls for our community. 2020 has caused us to tighten our belts in several ways.

But we’re making a start!

For every Annual Managed WordPress Hosting package that’s bought (and on the annual anniversary of monthly subscribers), we’ll be funding a tree.

We’ll also fund trees for other projects, like custom WordPress website development and WordPress Speed Improvement services.

If you’d like to work with people who know online growth and love to support causes like this, then we’d love to talk — let’s do some good business together!