Start your 2018 with this open letter from Performance Foundry Founder and Managing Director, Craig Martin.

Another year is ramping up, and so are expectations for growth in e-commerce, apps and online publishing — these are all expected to grow as lifestyles continue the trend to shift online. At the same time, we’re seeing new vulnerabilities appear in hardware chips, and uncertainty over the shape of automation, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

In the middle of this, Performance Foundry aims to help your business succeed by providing excellence in development coupled with what we think is the best WordPress hosting in the world. To do this, we’re needing to keep changing, keep growing, and keep talking with you — that’s what helps us to help you!

As well as gathering feedback throughout the year, in the fourth quarter we review all the tech partners that make up our hosting and development stacks. During our 2017-18 vendor review, we found a couple of places where we could do better! Expect to see some changes to Anvil and Performance Foundry’s standard plugins in the coming months.

Once these internal updates are completed in the first quarter of 2018, we’ll turn our eyes to some other projects that will be awesome for everyone, like an improved Account Dashboard and affiliate centre.

We’re also working on plugins that solve issues for many of our publishers: leveraging Google Analytics for popular post displays and ElasticSearch for related posts. These are in production with some of our customers now, and will be available for wider release this year.

Overall, our hardware and software stack remains world class, with powerful tools for everyone, like our AWS s3 Enhanced File System and CDN, page and object caching. There are also some great add-ons like ElasticSearch and Thumbor for Standard and Plus clients.

Our WordPress-specialist stack means that we protect all our clients from vulnerabilities like this and many others. We’re doing our best to make Enterprise-level hosting tools available to smaller businesses, and supplying full Enterprise-level WordPress server tools to our larger clients.

Working with our clients and agency partners, we expect to be building some pretty cool websites and tools this year! Some of the strategies and designs on the table already look awesome. As part of that, we’ll be growing our development team; continuing to build an international, remote company that can solve problems for multiple cultures and target markets.

There are no big shifts in direction planned for this year: we’re building momentum in areas that we’re doing well, and refining those areas that we’d like to do better in.

Software, and web software in particular, is a continually shifting platform. 2018 is going to bring a lot of new changes to the web and to WordPress. One of the biggest changes will be the release of a new text and content editor for WordPress. Code-named Gutenburg, the new editor is currently scheduled for release in version 5.0. It’s going to have a massive impact on themes, plugins and more!

Performance Foundry staff will be continuing to up-skill. We’ll be attending and speaking at various conferences and events over the year — not only WordPress, but also e-commerce, marketing, publishing, travel and maybe some other niches that our customers work in. We have a strong internal training program lined up for all our staff that’s kicking off in January to supplement those events.

We’ll also be adding to our team, so keep an eye out for new faces in the coming months!

Thanks for your business and your trust, and for working with us. We’re so excited about everything that’s coming up in 2018, and we’re looking forward to helping your projects succeed!

Craig Martin

Founder and Managing Director
Performance Foundry