Got business downunder?

If your company or most of your website’s visitors are located in Australia or New Zealand, this is great news for you: Performance Foundry has just opened a brand-new server in Sydney!

Server location is an important part of website performance. The closer your website visitor is to the server where your site is stored, the faster pages will load. This is because the data doesn’t have to travel as far from the server to the visitor, and the user receives the information sooner.

We use Amazon Web Services technology and a worldwide content delivery network (CDN) to cache information in way stations around the world, so if you have a global audience, you’ll see fast loading times wherever your visitors are. But if your entire audience is downunder, it makes sense to host your site near them.

Kangaroo sign on Australian road
Get on the road to a faster website!

As a New Zealand company, Performance Foundry works with a high percentage of Australian and Kiwi businesses — and we’re always keen to help more Australasian websites perform better. We’re excited to offer this Australian website hosting option to both existing and new Managed WordPress Hosting clients.

Is website hosting in Australia the right choice for my business?

If most of the people visiting your site are located in Australia or New Zealand, then it’s a great idea to host your site in Australia. This option is perfect for local businesses targeting people living in the immediate area, such as cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, shopping malls, bookshops, and boutiques. If you’re not a brick-and-mortar location, but your clients are in the area (such as online stores just for Kiwi or Aussie clients) this is the right choice for you too.

Check your website visitor information (on Google Analytics) to see where your visitors are coming from, so you can make a good choice for your business.

Uluru/ Ayers Rock in Australia
If your website visitors are in Australia, an Aussie server is a great choice.

My audience is in the US, but my business is located in Australia

If you’re an Australian company with a largely US audience, hosting your site on our US servers is probably the best option — unless you’re a local company and the visitors you really care about are the local ones! In that case, go with the server that’s closest to your location.

The new server is good news for all of our clients, wherever you are — if you find your audience changes, and you’re seeing a lot of traffic from Australia, you can move onto our Aussie server at any time.

Australian flag
If you’re an Aussie company, go with an Aussie server.

Looking for Australia web hosting?

Performance Foundry’s brand-new Aussie server is great news for Australian and Kiwi businesses — keep your site local and keep your visitors happy! Plus, you can choose to pay in US dollars, or contact us for rates in NZD and AUD.

So what’s included in Australia-based Managed WordPress Hosting?

Basically, we host your site on our servers, and keep it running well — we do all the updates, backups and security scans for you. We even do small fixes and changes so you can focus on running your business rather than on website tech.

  • Migration from your old host to our new Australian server
  • Speed report worth $490: we’ll analyse your site and get it loading faster
  • Assistance with changing email provider if needed
  • Access to our helpdesk for all your WordPress questions
  • Small fixes and changes each month
  • Secure daily backups, kept for at least 14 days
  • Ongoing malware and security scans, plus pro-active security suite
  • Plugin, theme and core updates
  • Plugin, theme and performance recommendations
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Access to our Performance Foundry Success Network secret Facebook group

Where do I sign up?

Head to to sign up and pay in USD, or email if you’d like to pay in Kiwi or Aussie dollars.

Why is Performance Foundry the best option?

We firmly believe that Performance Foundry has the world’s best WordPress hosting. Full stop. Discover why or hit our FAQ for more details.

We’re looking forward to working with you!