Welcome, Aurora!

Aurora is coming to Performance Foundry this week. It might not be as pretty as the northern lights, but it makes WordPress faster.

At Performance Foundry we partner with the best in class to make our client’s online presence as fast and reliable as possible. Last year, we made the decision to move from our own hosting platform and partner with Pagely. We continue to be happy we did so.

And now, for more WordPress speed

There’s a lot of technology that goes into serving websites, and one of the keys to WordPress is the database. We’re about to start using Amazon’s Aurora as a database engine:

At last year’s RE:Invent Amazon announced a new database product called Aurora, which promised up to 5x performance gains on the same hardware AND would act as a drop-in replacement to MySQL. While we did see impressive gains across the board, on average Aurora RDS is 3x faster than MySql RDS when used with WordPress. (Source: Pagely)

That’s right: 3-7x faster database queries across the board. Practically, what does this mean?

1. Faster dashboards

Site owners and managers, live in an un-cached world where every pageload needs dozens of trips to the database: that time is about to shrink dramatically.

2. Faster loads into cache

Our front-end caching technologies eliminate most of the wait time for visitors, but — too keep things fresh — we empty that cache from time to time. Now, when a cache is missed, the page is going to load that much faster. Comment speed is going to improve, in addition to average site load time.

3. Faster loads for e-commerce and membership sites

Due to the dynamic nature of WooCommerce (e-Commerce) and membership sites, there’s a lot of back and forward between the user and the database. With 3-7% faster database speeds, that’s going to have a noticeable impact.

We’re excited about faster WordPress

A fast host is an excellent partner, and with WordPress development, security and maintenance from Performance Foundry you get the best of both worlds: WordPress experts helping you achieve your business goals on the software and hosting side of the business.

If you’d like to talk more about how we can help your site — whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing website — get in touch today.

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