Not sure about Managed WordPress Hosting? Why is it the best option for your business website? What’s included in Performance Foundry’s offerings? Why is it more expensive than standard hosting?
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1. Does Performance Foundry handle all aspects of the migration? What do I have to do?

Yes, we handle everything. All you have to do is provide us with the log-ins and other details we require.

As well as migrating your site onto our servers, our staff will do a security and performance report so your site can quickly come up to speed.

2. Is there any downtime? How long will my site be offline?

There’s no downtime, and your site won’t be offline at all. We do need to organise a window of time to do the migration, during which you can’t be logged into your dashboard, but visitors can access your site throughout the migration.

Things are a little more complicated for e-commerce sites and sites with high user participation.

3. Is server-side caching included in the hosting plan?

Yes, it is. This means you don’t need any caching plugins! We’ll uninstall any that are active on your site.

4. Is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) included in the hosting plan?

Yes, it is.

In fact, our pricing is based on the amount of CDN bandwidth you use. Most of our customers never exceed the 100GB of CDN bandwidth that’s included in the monthly fee for our Foundation package.

5. Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can, but you get one month free if you pay annually in advance.

6. Why, exactly, should I choose Performance Foundry’s Managed WordPress Hosting?

All websites need to be hosted on a server somewhere, and there are many companies out there who can provide this space for you. We don’t just offer hosting, though: in addition to hosting your site on our secure servers, we also make sure your site is running well, with daily backups, frequent security scans, and updates on plugins, themes and WordPress in general.

We also have a helpdesk, where you can ask WordPress-related questions and request small fixes be done. This means you don’t have to worry about the tech side of running your website — you can leave that to us and get on with running your business.

7. Will I have access to the control panel?

No, you won’t. They’re slow and a security risk, so we don’t even have them.

This is the joy of working with us: you don’t need a control panel to organise your site: you just get in there and build content.

We will make sure that everything is running smoothly, and if you have any WordPress questions or want any small fixes to be done, you can get in touch with our development experts through the helpdesk.

8. How is Performance Foundry’s Managed WordPress Hosting different from hosting with BlueHost, GoDaddy, HostGator or other budget hosting providers?

Budget hosting providers provide a bare-bones service that is great for new websites, as it is extremely budget-friendly. Your site is hosted on a server along with (usually) thousands of other websites and usually you don’t get much support from the hosting company. If something goes wrong, you’ll have to find the solution yourself — which often means spending many hours in forums trying to learn about website tech.

As one client said recently: “I’d love to learn about all of this, it’s fascinating, but I just don’t have time! I need to spend my time creating and promoting content.”

We not only host your site on a secure server, we work hard to make sure your site is technically as healthy as possible — with security updates, backups, and access to our helpdesk. This means you don’t have to do all this work yourself.

9. What kind of websites can benefit from Performance Foundry’s Managed WordPress hosting?

Our hosting is for websites that are built on WordPress. If your site isn’t a WordPress site, we can help you migrate to WordPress — contact us for a quote.

We host a variety of websites of all sizes, including blogs that see a reasonable amount of traffic. No matter the size, if you find yourself doing an hour or more a month of tech work to keep your site working well, we can save you time and energy by taking the tech side of things off your hands.

Head to our hosting page to find the right package for your site.


10. Will my site be the only site on the server?

We provide hosting on shared servers, with a strictly limited number of sites on each server. This means that your site can access all the resources it needs.

Prices for sole-use servers begin at $795 per month. Our standard (Foundation) plan is $125 a month.

11. How many URLs can I host with you as part of the package?

Because we dedicate real human hours to keeping your site running, we charge per site, which we define as one installation of WordPress. One hosting package will host one installation of WordPress. If you have many URLs pointing to the same installation, that counts as one site.

If you have different WordPress installations (with a unique dashboard, themes, and plugins) then you will need one hosting package for each site.

12. What is a VPS and does your hosting include it?

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. For our standard plans, we host sites on WordPress-specialised VPSs run on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure.

Enterprise-level sites can take advantage of sole-use VPSs with standalone, scalable web and database servers, failover support, and load balancing. (This is not needed for most sites.)

13. How many visitors can visit my site before I have to upgrade to a more expensive plan?

We don’t charge according to how many people visit your site, but rather by how much CDN bandwidth your site uses. As a general rule, though, if your site is seeing more than about 100,000 pageviews a month, you’re likely to need a Standard or Plus plan rather than our Foundation plan.

14. What’s the maximum RAM I can use? How much storage and bandwidth is available?

We don’t have RAM limits, and if your site is using extraordinary amounts of RAM, something is probably wrong! In this case, we’ll work with you to find a solution. Unlike other hosts, we won’t automatically turn your site off because of artificial resource limits.

Sites on our Foundation plan can use up to 10GB of storage space. If you need more, we can provide storage add-ons at a reasonable price, or you can look at moving to the next level of hosting.

15. Can you manage my domain name for me too?

Yes, we can. We charge an annual fee of $50 per domain for most domain names. You can purchase that here.

16. Will you host my email?

We believe a web server should serve web pages as quickly as possible. Because of that, we have chosen not to host email in the same place.

We recommend using specialist email services, such as Google Apps or Outlook 365, for email. We can provide limited support in initial set up, but do not provide ongoing support for your email service.

17. Do you provide staging sites?

We sure do! Read more about that here.

18. Do you provide an HTTPS certificate?

Yes! We firmly believe that all websites should be secure, and part of that is a solid SSL certificate that is properly installed and set up. Learn more with these top questions about HTTPS.

19. What kind of small fixes and changes are included in the development time?

Depending on the package you choose, sites on our hosting services are entitled to one or two hours of development time per month, for small fixes and changes. Examples of kinds of things we can cover with this time include:

  • Investigating bugs and performance issues.
  • Minor theme customizations such as changing colours, fonts, spacing, button text.
  • Adding redirects to the server.
  • Installing and configuring plugins.

If you’re not sure if it will be covered, just send us an email to and we’ll let you know! If the work requires more time than is covered by your plan, we may be able to do it on our hourly rate.

20. Can you help me set up redirects?

Yes. We recommend all redirects are set up at the server level, as that helps speed up your site! If you’re currently using a plugin to do redirects, we recommend you move them to the server level.

We can set up around 80 redirects in an hour of development time, so if you have fewer that that number, we can set them up for you as part of your hosting package. More than that, and we can either spread the work over a few months, or you can pick up some additional development time so we can do it straight away.

If you just have a single redirect to set up, or a small list, you can send that through as a support request. Read more about redirects here.

21. Will you update plugins for me?

Your plugins will be updated automatically whenever a new version becomes available. The exception to this is some paid plugins that block automatic updates — in this case you can update it yourself or download the new version and send it to us to install. It’s a good idea to take a glance at your plugins occasionally to make sure everything is in order, but you can have the peace of mind of knowing that updates are generally being looked after day-to-day.

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