At Performance Foundry, we know Managed WordPress Hosting, and we’d like to share some of that with you!

In this webinar, Director of Engineering Ricardo Correia, answers questions and reviews Performance Foundry’s powerful, unique approach to Managed WordPress Hosting

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Jeni Wicks
Hi everyone. Welcome to the first in a series of webinars that we hope to present to our clients. Today I wanted to share both the particularities of performance foundry hosting environment, how this serves your website and what we do to keep your site safe with optimal performance. Before we get started, I wanted to explain how the webinar will work and how you can interact with us both during and after our presentation. Our chief of engineering Ricardo Correia will give a brief presentation after which we will host a question and answer period during the presentation. If you have a question or wish to communicate with us, you can ask through the chat function by clicking on the little speech bubble at the bottom of your screen. While Ricardo speaks, I will address any urgent questions or issues through chat, and then during the question and answer period, Ricardo will address any questions that are pertinent to today’s topic. Thank you again for being here. And without further ado, I would like to introduce Ricardo.

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Ricardo Correia
Hello. Hi everyone. My name is Ricardo. I’m a WordPress engineer from Porto, Portugal, and I’m also the chief engineer here at performance foundry. Today, we are going to talk about Performance Foundry hosting options. And we can divide this presentation into three main topics, what to offer, what are our managed WordPress hosting plans, what to do our included services, and what we manage our procedures on monitoring incident response, and I’ll end up managing our servers with all our clients. The first part is what we offer monthly, our managed WordPress hosting plans. We have five base plans to offer you as basic plans. They are Publisher; Publisher Plus; Foundation plans and then our E Commerce plans that are targeted to e-commerce websites. All our clients receive some basic features from security to WP core updates or daily plugin updates. The differences on our plans are mainly in storage bandwidth, also in the number of hours that you have for small fixes and support, and also the included the strategy calls. In our publisher plan, you have storage of package gigabytes, and the bandwidth limits are 400 gigabytes. We assume your CPU needs are normal, and we perform daily backups on your server. In this server is also included SFTP access, image compression and image compression with the web.

The webP is that wonderful new formats that solves all your image problems with Google PageSpeed This is a new format it is starting to be accepted in all the major browsers, and soon will be the new standard for the internet. In our Publisher plan. You also have one hour of small fixes and support included. We also have the Publisher Plus package where we increase your allowed storage. And also you’re allowed bandwidth will also include more CPU users and more time for small fixes. You have two hours instead of one hour, and you will have quarterly strategy calls with our team in order to define a future strategy for your website. Along with these Publisher plans, you also have our e-commerce plans. They are directed to e-commerce websites. Ecommerce plan is for simpler websites where you have 20 gigabytes of storage and 400 gigabytes of bandwidth, the same thing as in the Publisher package, but we consider that your CPU needs are greater than those offered in a publisher plan. And also we include on our e-commerce package elastic press in both e-commerce environments. Plus elastic press is an external tool it works as an external server that is connected with your website server. And the server allows you to have a faster website with faster searches and also a faster back end. Search and back end users to this elastic press to our e-commerce . Plus package has the main difference in increasing both your storage and bandwidth. Also your CPU needs. We consider it to be an intensive unit. There is also a big difference in the backups as they are our lead instead of the lead. The backup retention is also a little bigger, it’s 19 days backup potential, and you have the info and two hours of small fixes. Along with these four plans, we have our most basic plan our foundation plan, where you have 10 gigabytes of storage and a hundred gigabytes of bandwidth. We assume your CPU needs are normal, and you have daily backups, backup protection of 14 days. You have basic image compression of JPEGs and PNG format. These are our plans. Along with these plans. We also offer enterprise solutions that will change depending on the needs of which each client in the needs of your server. So if you don’t fit in any of these packages will be able to find the package just for you, any deal for you where you will be the vendor will need your own standalone server in this case and You can choose between all these five package plus the bespoke solutions.

Along with choosing the right package for you, you can also choose the physical location of your server. At this moment, we have four server locations all across the world. We have US East Coast, US West Coast, Europe and Australia. In this case, you should select the physical location that is closer to your clients or to your target audience. There is no point in placing the server where it will be faster for you, the writer, but it is better to place the server where it will be faster for your audience for the most of your visitors. So this is also a choice that you can do when you join us, and you should choose according to your audience. And now what We do what are the services that are included in all our packages. Our managed hosting service includes all these basic services these basic changes in your website; we can do small code fixes. We can do small changes or fixes in your website, theme or plugin code. This is basically PHP code by can development we can do small fixes in your website. We also have included simple layout fixes. We help you achieve your design goals, making small customization to your website design being it to HTML or CSS. In our plans is also included basic speed optimization, we have our NVL speed module included in all hours are now our servers where you can set up or ask us to set up for you some basic speed features in your website that we will improve your front end speeds. We have a plugin that we can activate for you that is included in our plans and is exclusive to our hosting clients. We can also help you identify all the needs of your websites and help you reach your website’s desired frontend speed. There is also another important point in your website that is, of course, search engine optimization, and being able to be correctly solved by all search engines. And to help you with that. We do a Google search console follow up. So we keep tabs on the Google and the Google search console and the notifications that you receive there. And we help you solve those notifications proactively. And also identify which of those notifications doesn’t need action. So this service from Google is sometimes known to give some false positives and some times it suggests actions that don’t need to be taken or shouldn’t be taken. We’ll help you manage these notifications and follow what to do with that along with taking care with some SEO needs. We also provide automatic plugin updates. So we ensure we want to ensure that your website plugins are always up to date to prevent known vulnerability attacks. Okay, so basically sometimes what WordPress and WordPress plugins are targeted in hacker’s attacks, in malware attacks, and the service that automatically updates your plugins two times per day helps us prevent that you be affected by one of these attacks. The service sometimes can be a little bit unfair because some plugins on their new versions can have some issues, and these issues can make your websites go down.

And we immediately will help you and put the site to back up. But the number of times that a plugin update creates the need or creates some downtime in your website is very, very low, compared to the number of times that plugins can be targeted by hackers or malware attacks. So we think that having automatic login updates, is more positive that not having it because it ensures the security of your website, this service is important for you. You can ask us to stop automatic plugin updates in your website. In that case you be responsible for keeping the plugins updated. And you also be responsible if some attack happens on your website. So if you want to do it, do it very carefully and take into consideration that automatic plugin updates are here to ensure that your website is safe and secure and it should be active at all times.

Along with this automatic plugin updates, we also manage your WordPress updates. So from time to time WordPress is updated. Some of some are most of those updates are smaller plates, and can be done almost automatically. Although we try always to ensure that an update won’t break any of our websites. We keep tabs on our websites and to see if something is happening there when we update WordPress. Still, there are other big updates, like this past update for WordPress 5.0 that came with Gutenberg, which was a big update, a big change in the user interface, especially on the back end user’s experience. Some themes weren’t prepared to receive Gutenberg. And in this case, we helped you manage that to move towards the update. We created a staging site for you where you could test your website, to ensure that the new version of WordPress was compatible with your theme with your plugins and also ensure that you are ready to work with this new WordPress version, once you are ready. We deploy to live for you, this ensures that whatever is your experience level with WordPress, you are always happy and you are always up to date with the best standards of the industry.

And these are the basics of our managed hosting services. Along with these services, we also do much more actions in the backend of your website, actions that are not visible in your day to day operations or in the way you manage your website. We monitor your website, and we handle any incidents that happen with your website. In website monitoring, we monitor your website resources users. This allows us to see exactly what is happening with your website, with your teams, and with your plugins. And we ensure that we know what is making your website slow. What is making your server slow, what is effecting your users’ experience in your website.

In these graphs, you can see some information from a website. You can see in the top left corner, the information of what is the most time-consuming transactions in a website. In this case, you can be see that the taxonomy product category is the most time-consuming action transaction. And also this allows us to see which are the pages that are moving slower on your website, and where we can gain the benefits in optimization of the server or of your website code. In the top right corner, we have the information of the plugins, which plugins are impacting our website, in this case, we can see here, if you look closely, you can see there WooCommerce. This is a star so it is impossible to remove WooCommerce.

Still, there is always some space for optimization around the plugins that are connecting to woocommerce and the plugins you are using for your website. This user monitoring allows us to get information and then act accordingly. Start the project to improve or try to change the plugin; for example, there are many actions that you can do. On the bottom, you have the information of the books; if the books are some programming points of WordPress that allows us to connect WordPress with plugins and plugins we found other with other plugins.

This allows us also to see where are the bottlenecks on your WordPress website. We can also go deeper and we can see when one of those transactions is slow, what are the functions that are making that transaction slow, and what are the plugins, where they are located?

What is making your website slower, this information is also very important to us to help you have the information of why your plugin is not working on which by the is not working or which plugin is making your website slower. This allows us to give you all the needed information and to allow you to make informed decisions of what you should do with your website and what is the path to take in your website development.

Along with the users monitoring of your website itself, we also keep detailed server management information. So at all times, we know on our servers, which are the websites that are using the resources are what is the quantity of resources they are using both CPU memory and other server resources. And we try always to keep the website users lower than 10%. So at any moment, we try to ensure that your server has the capability of angling any traffic spikes. That might happen and the plugin update that might go wrong. The server resources are available to respond to that and ensure that you don’t have any downtime on your server. So it’s very important to us also to keep tabs on the server users and we shared the resources that your website is using from the server. Another important service that we offer is our 24 hours on-call incident response. So at any time of the day, there is one of our developers that is on call and available to respond if a web site or a server goes down, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, someone who is responsible to check the servers and if something happens, that person receives a call with the information that the server went down or that the site went down and answers that incident immediately to resolve it and to ensure that you have the minimum downtime possible on your server.

And that’s it. These are our main services and our monitoring capabilities. Thank you all. Any additional questions or clarifications, please for them to support at performance

Jeni Wicks
Thanks for being here, everybody. And thank you Ricardo.

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Webinars?! Yes!!

We’ve got WordPress and web performance webinars! Upcoming sessions and recorded shows are all on our webinars page and YouTube channel.