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I would highly recommend Performance Foundry!

Lillie Marshall, Around the World L and Teaching Traveling

Small projects come in many shapes and sizes, and here at Performance Foundry we tend to quote according to how much time we are likely to dedicate to it! If we’ve told you that your project will require half a day’s work, or you’d like us to spend four hours on your WordPress site, this is the package for you.

Why choose the half-day block?

A Performance Foundry half-day block is for you if you own or manage a WordPress website and agree with any of the statements below:

  • I have a small project that Performance Foundry has told me will require half a day of work.
  • I have a list of small fixes to be done to my site, and I’d like Performance Foundry to work through as many of them as possible.
  • My site just isn’t running well, and I’d like Performance Foundry to look into it and make any changes they see fit.

Benefits of the half-day block

  • Easy to sign up — no invoices!
  • You get a full half-day of our time dedicated to your site.

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What’s included?

The half-day block can be used for a variety of reasons:

  • You may have a list of small fixes you’d like done to your site, and would like us to work through as many of them as possible.
  • Perhaps you’ve asked us for a quote for a project, and we’ve let you know that a half-day block would be appropriate.
  • Maybe you know things just aren’t right with your site, and you’d like us to investigate and make any changes we see fit.

We’ve used Performance Foundry to perform a variety of small and medium design-related tasks, and have been very happy with the support and results.

Dave Lee, Travel Blog Success

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At only $500, this package will give you a full-half day of our time to work on your site — whatever it may be that you’d like us to do!

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