Digitise Your Business Offering

Home lock-downs, business interruption, and work-from-home are the new normal as governments worldwide work to slow the impacts of COVD-19.

No-one’s loving it! But perhaps we can help your business transform by digitising products and services then moving sales and delivery online.


Performance Foundry is a remote-first company, with teams always working from home, co-working spaces and individual offices around the world. Because of that, we’re used to communicating asynchronously, working fully online, and delivering great results for clients.

Not only that, we see a wide variety of online businesses, and we see what works and what doesn’t.

We’re ready and able to help.

How can we help?

Our expertise is in digital experience: websites that help people with e-commerce, e-learning, marketing products, services, and software as as service.

Some of our clients and contacts are firmly bricks and mortar, and we’re seeing them:

  • Moving language, sports or arts lessons to video streaming or pre-recorded video
  • Making consultations happen online through video conferencing
  • Recording video and audio content to keep their members and users engaged with the brand
  • Turning consultation work into products, packages, video series and e-books
  • Setting up subscription services to products or experiences they can still deliver
  • Creating entirely new experiences, like combining food delivery with group dining over video chat; or adding essential gas bottle delivery to a takeaways delivery order.

Are you looking for ways to digitise your product, or need a way to get seen and paid online? Need to cut costs from your cloud service? Or ensure your website remains fast under increased loads?

We can help throw some ideas around, brainstorm with you, and — if it fits your needs and budget — work with you to make it happen.

There is a new normal coming. We can get through together!

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