COVID-19/Coronavirus relief for Performance Foundry customers

Performance Foundry’s goal is to help your online business grow, but right now there are things outside of our control impacting many of our clients.

We understand, and have put together several Corona-related packages to help, including:

  • Freezing planned price increases.
  • Allowing retainer clients to pause or downsize retainers without the standard notice period.
  • Helping hosting clients move to cheaper hardware stacks during the impacts of the virus in your industry.

These measures impact our business too, and we appreciate your care and understanding as we do our best to deliver the quality you expect while also helping to cut costs during this period.

Hosting focus

Almost all our clients make use of our premium hosting stack, which uses best-in-class security, monitoring, hardware and networking.

Our premium hardware and networking stack and model does not allow us to offer discounts with the same level of service. In fact, vendor price escalations over the last year have meant that we were forced to plan pricing increases, which have now been frozen.

We can find cost cuttings for many clients by shifting your site from world-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) to an established challenger brand, Digital Ocean. We have successfully trialled several live sites on this architecture and added as much of our ‘secret sauce’ and custom improvements as possible in the short time period available.

This isn’t just a default box: it has as many of Performance Foundry’s performance and security enhancements as possible, outside of the AWS network. You’ll also still be able to take advantage of Performance Foundry’s support team.

We’re really proud and happy with the security, performance and experience here; but customers should expect a degradation in server response times. Digital Ocean has very good uptime and reliability for a challenger brand but does not match AWS in real-life performance or flexibility.

Modelling costs for you

In addition to hardware and networking, we maintain licensing for several tools to allow image compression, security scanning, malware protection and website acceleration. For this solution, we will add new third-party back-up costs too.

For our Foundation clients, costs may fall to as low as $70/ or $90/month – a 55-70% saving.

We strongly recommend Publisher, E-commerce and Plus clients retain their current set-up if possible, but cost savings can be made as needed.

In our typical infrastructure, we balance smaller and larger sites on one server to allow any site to have a big rush of traffic, and the costs of that scale to be democratised across the shared accounts. With this new architecture, we’ll be placing fewer sites per server. So far we’ve experimented with one server to one website (1:1) relationships and won’t go higher than 1:10 ratios on this hardware.

Honestly… We’re all doing our best to help you through!

For sites that are pushing to the edges of our plans, this might mean that your site does not get the same level of cost savings as others. There is a possibility we cannot serve your site more cheaply – in that case, our best option is to move you back to our standard hosting plans, where we cannot offer any pricing relief.

In some limited cases, your cost savings may create downtime or unsustainable performance degradation. Where this is the case, we’ll look to bring you back to our regular standard or create custom plans. However, we are seeing sites in some industries with as much as 40% traffic loss. The lower throughput will balance with the lower costs, and we can switch you back to AWS and better performance as your market or your site begins to recover.

If you can bear the costs, remaining with the high-quality server stack will give you a competitive advantage, as many of your competitors cut quality.

Prerequisites for relief pricing

To qualify for COVID-19/Coronavirus relief pricing you must:

  • Have been with Performance Foundry for at least three months.
  • Not be using premium tools like Thumbor, ElasticSearch or Gearman.
  • Pay monthly, or have an annual renewal due in the next two months*.
  • Be able to demonstrate traffic or revenue loss of 20% or higher over a two week period as a result of COVID-19.
  • Pay a non-refundable one-off administration cost of US$100 to cover the overhead costs of the migration and customisation on the new hardware.

* If you pay annually, let’s talk about future needs closer to your renewal date.

While a few client industries are seeing growth or moderate slowdowns, many of our clients are in industries like travel, hospitality, manufacturing or e-commerce, which are directly impacted by this outbreak.

We’re doing our best to help hurting businesses through this time — thanks for your ongoing trust and understanding.

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 and that temporary trade-off in server performance is acceptable, please fill in the form below, and check out with the per-site administration fee. We may be a bit overwhelmed if the demand is high, but we’ll be in touch!

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