Site design is an essential part of website redevelopment — the right look and feel can make all the difference to a visitor’s experience. Tamara Gruber knew what she was looking for when she asked Performance Foundry to redevelop her successful family travel blog, and the end result speaks for itself.

“Everyone that has looked at the new site has shared nothing but praise,” she says. “They have found it to be very professional, fast, clean and well designed.”

We3Travel homepage Screenshot
We3Travel homepage

Tamara’s site,, is a family travel blog which is full of destination information, sample itineraries, reviews and tips to make family vacation planning easier. It started life as a personal blog, but like many blogs, has changed and evolved into its current family travel niche — as well as tips, Tamara shares stories of her own travels with her husband and daughter.

The focus of the site had changed, but the layout had stayed firmly rooted in its origins — a blog scroll was the main focus of the homepage. So, when Tamara decided to once again reposition her focus, this time broadening the scope from family travel to travel in general, it was a good excuse for a major change.

A modern facelift

The main aim of the redevelopment was to give the site a modern facelift. Tamara wanted the site to have a clean, fresh design, with lots of white space and visual appeal. A visually pleasing layout was especially important since a large percentage of the site’s visitors come in from Pinterest — a particularly visually oriented social media network!

Apart from a new look, Tamara also wanted to make sure it was easy for visitors to move through the site and find the information they were looking for. She particularly wanted more traffic to her travel planning services page, which is one of her monetisation strategies.

We3Travel travel planning screenshot
Travel planning services page

The process

Performance Foundry’s seven-step process took Tamara from the very first stages of dreaming about a new site all the way through to its successful launch. We started with a phone call to explore her goals and get to know the site, then moved on to building a website framework. Design was next, followed by development, and from there we used Tamara’s feedback to make final changes to the site while it was on a staging environment. The much-anticipated launch was a success, and ongoing maintenance and optimisation makes sure the site continues to perform well.

So what did Tamara think about this process? She says:

“I’ve been through many website relaunches in my past as a marketing executive and I found Performance Foundry to be very professional, organized and when the inevitable delays occurred, they were quick to keep me in the loop.”

No project is without its hitches, but Tamara was pleased with how Performance Foundry resolved issues as they arose:

“The first round of design concepts wasn’t the quality that I expected, but they worked hard in the background so that the next round was on point. I was very happy with the overall design outcome.”

The Grubers at the Colosseum
Tamara and her family love the new site

The new site loads fast, looks great, and has received nothing but positive comments — check it out for yourself! And if you’re interested in having your site redesigned, check out our development page or get in touch using the form below.

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