As any blogger will tell you, running a blog takes a lot of work. And running two blogs at the same time — that’s impressive!

Jeremy Jones runs two travel blogs: Living the Dream, a global travel and lifestyle design blog; and and Discover the Burgh, which focuses on Pittsburgh. His business model is a traditional blogging one: he publishes articles and social media updates, aiming for ever more page views. The more people visit his site, the more he earning potential he has; the business’s main income streams are advertising and affiliate sales.

Living the Dream's homepage.
Living the Dream’s homepage.

Early last year, the business was going well, particularly for the global blog, Living the Dream. More and more visitors were coming to the site, everything was looking up. Then, the problems started. The site load speed was slow, and getting slower. The site crashed once, then again, and again — especially during periods of high traffic. Visitors were frustrated by the slow load times, and advertising revenue was suffering.

Jeremy looked for answers and found a simple answer: he’d reached the limits of the mid-level hosting package he was on. Above a certain level of traffic, his host became unreliable and couldn’t deliver the consistent service his blog required.

He realised that he needed to make a change, and started looking for a reliable host that would allow his blog to grow, not cap performance after a certain number of visitors. He wanted to avoid managing upgrades from one service to another — this had always proven to be a cumbersome, time-heavy process. He wanted better performance, and better service. He found it.

Switching to Performance Foundry’s Managed WordPress Hosting service meant spending more on hosting than he had previously. But it also meant a huge time saving, an incredible performance improvement, and a significant increase in revenue.

Jeremy says:

“My homepage load time decreased by a factor of 10 after the initial move and optimization, and my internal pages improved speed rapidly, which allowed me to add some more robust features on my site my previous host never would’ve been able to load and maintain a good user experience. Since then, along with other SEO optimizations, we’ve seen our traffic rise considerably in recent months and expect further gains to come.”

Jeremy had had trouble with migrations and upgrades before, and he was pleasantly surprised by how the move to our servers went:

“It was seamless. I received almost up-to-the-minute updates regarding the status of my migration, and when I was warned of potential downtime I was impressed to find it was a matter of seconds, if that, to the extent that I don’t think we lost any page views at all during the move.

I migrated my second blog, Discover the Burgh, over a few months later despite not being at the same traffic threshold that my first one hit and have never looked back.

In the six months that followed our Google traffic tripled, and I’d like to think the hosting upgrade had a lot to do with that.”

The time Jeremy’s been able to save by not having to deal with website tech has been invested back into his sites, resulting in some fantastic growth over the last few months. We’re excited to see where they’re going, and excited to be part of the process.

Jeremy and Angie at Machu Picchu
Jeremy and Angie are going all sorts of places… we’re happy to be with them!

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