We love it when our clients ask us about new and interesting ideas they have for their websites — it allows us to try something different while also allowing our clients to stand out in their field.

When we had the chance to re-design Liz Carlson’s Young Adventuress travel site, we wanted to give this award-winning blog something special.

Working with travel narratives, we decided to try animating maps that work in the background of the article, giving a reader a sense of space, place, and movement.

Needless to say, when you’re trying something new and different, there are occasional bumps along the way! But in the end, the pages turned out beautifully.

Young Adventuress now features two of these storytelling posts. The first takes you from Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand down to Milford Sound in the southwest. The second brings you back up along the east coast.

Each post features sections that focus in on particular segments of the journey, or on towns and sites along the way. But this content is not only read, it’s shown as well! As the user scrolls, the map on the right animates along a path, zooming in and out as the user reads along.

One idea we implemented was the ability to use icons along the path. These icons help bring the map to life and connect it further to the story on the page.

I’ll show you what I mean! The first of these occurs right near Fox Glacier. As Liz recommends doing a helicopter/hike out to the glacier, a small helicopter appears along the path on the map.

But it’s one thing to just read about how it works, and another to see it in action. Check out the posts for yourself! Start with the first and then head to the second.

And what does Liz think about these new maps?

She’s pretty happy!

“I’m super excited to launch these interactive storytelling maps on my blog which will add a whole new depth and layer to the way my readers can interact and use my content. It also is a great opportunity to offer new types of advertising with clients around the world.”

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