Business can be hard sometimes, but at Performance Foundry we make WordPress simple.

Not just the house keeping – hosting, software updates, security scans, backups – but actually helping your business grow!

How does that work?

First up, we can provide excellent, best-in-class hosting through our infrastructure partners, Pagely. They’re the only Managed WordPress Hosting company to be featured as an AWS Retail Partner. We also offer hosting for smaller, growing sites directly.

Once the migration is settled in, we offer a complementary speed report that outlines bottlenecks in your current code. That can be identifying inefficient off-the-shelf plugins, and custom code too. We use real-time application monitoring to identify real user situations as well as lab tests, like Google PageSpeed Insights to prioritise action from different perspectives.

Now, we’re cooking with gas! What next?

Next, we get to start having some fun!

From Strong Foundations to Growing WordPress Sites

You got into this website thing (or your boss gave you this website thing!) for a purpose. To sell more products. To share your message. To grow an audience. To build affiliate or advertising income. To partner with industry leaders.

So… how well is that working?

We all know we could be doing better! Let’s do it together.

The most-fun part of our business is helping you achieve your goals. To do that, we put you together with a strategist – this person is with you for the long haul. They meet with you every quarter to debrief, set new targets, and organise a plan of work to build new features, gain fresh insights, and keep you up to date with speed and technical maintenance work that’ll give you a competitive advantage in today’s competitive search market.

Results and insights are pulled from a wide range of tools: Google Analytics, Search Console, your e-commerce and CRM platforms. Where we’re not getting the data we need, we can build the goal and trigger points. It’s all wrapped up in a dynamic monthly Executive Report, so you can share top-level results with key stakeholders or dig into details with your marketing team.

It’s WordPress made simple. Business focused services from a specialist agency – Performance Foundry.

Let’s talk – just fill in the form below for a free, no obligation consultation call.

Craig at WordCamp Lisbon
Performance Foundry’s Craig Martin speaking at WordCamp Lisbon, Portugal