We’re excited to announce a major overhaul of our retainer products. Existing clients will be upgraded for free, and new retainer purchases will instantly get access to the new experience.

Why change a good thing?

WordPress retainers are one of our fastest-growing products, due to the great cost:benefit ratios that clients are seeing. Having access to Performance Foundry’s team of strategy, engineering, design and project management people helps businesses grow and helps streamline costs.

But we knew we could do more. We could see some gaps between what we thought could help a business and some of the work we were being asked to do. Sometimes it was hard to see the wood for the trees.

Getting strategic with retainers to enable business improvement

We also knew that we were getting a ton of value through our own strategic planning processes. Every quarter we were setting and achieving ‘biggish’ goals that moved us towards our vision. We were seeing consistent, measurable improvement across our whole business.

We asked ourselves if we could apply the same ideas to retainers. To bring that level of strategic thinking to our client’s business growth. Or at least to our part of it — the website and digital experience.

The more we thought about it, the more exciting it seemed. We sketched out some workflows, hired for a new role — a web strategist –, and pulled the trigger. The new retainer experience is here!

The 90-day world

You have big goals for your business, and sometimes they can feel out of reach. We’ve found a quarterly approach, or a “90-day world”, allows the perfect combination of mid- and long-term strategic growth.

A 90-day world allows us to think big enough to work on important things, while still generating a feeling of short-term achievement and forward movement. We imagine where we want to be at the end of the quarter, we decide what objectives are going to take us there, we convert that into projects that need to be done, and that generates our tasks and priorities.

Bringing that 90-day world to your site’s retainer is going to be a powerful way for us to align development and support needs with your business strategy – and that’s going to build some amazing results.

WordPress Retainer workflow lifecycle - Performance Foundry
The Performance Foundry Quarterly WordPress Retainer Cycle

What can I do with a WordPress retainer?

Performance Foundry are WordPress experts with the vision to enable business growth through an excellent online experience.

That might mean overhauling your systems for technical performance and scalability, building custom features or sites, implementing back-end processes to enable automation and business intelligence, working with SEO and paid advertising to drive traffic growth…

Maybe a better question is what do you want to do with a retainer? And if you’re unsure, we have a strategist for that!

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