All service-based businesses have one thing in common: their focus is (or should be) on the people they serve.

As a web development and hosting company, it could be argued that Performance Foundry’s main focus is towards creating websites and keeping them running well — and it’s true that this is a key part of our work. But why do we do this work? Why try to speed up pageload times and build beautiful, functional sites?

We do it for the people behind the sites.

When Craig and I founded Performance Foundry, many of our clients were our personal friends and acquaintances. As the company has grown, we’ve aimed to keep the friendly atmosphere alive. And one thing certainly hasn’t changed — we truly care about all the sites we work on, and want them to be the best they can be. We want to see our clients succeed, and we do what we can to help this happen.

Customer service last year

Over the last year, we’ve been working to improve our customer services experience. Robin stepped up to take over more of the helpdesk, and Steph joined the team in a support developer role. Between them and the rest of the team, they’ve had thousands of conversations with clients, dealing with WordPress questions, fixes, changes, and issues.

Clients have the option to rate the service they’ve received, and 95% of the ratings we received over the year rated the customer service as “great” — an excellent figure. Of course, we’d like to get that to the 100% mark!

Five Stars
We love that positive feedback!

Changes is on its way!

With improvement in mind, we’re making some minor changes to the way our helpdesk works. We use an email-based system called HelpScout, which we chose because it allows clients to communicate with us in a natural fashion (email) rather than having to log into a separate account to send a support request.

However, some clients have mentioned that it can be hard to track conversations when they have more than one issue open in the helpdesk, and also to see which issues are resolved and which are closed.

To help with visibility, from this week we’re going to start including ticket numbers in the email subject line of helpdesk conversations. This is a unique number attached to a conversation which we use internally to track and discuss the issue… and now we’ll be sharing them with you.

This will allow clients to easily reference previous conversations, as well as clearly identify Performance Foundry helpdesk emails in their email inbox.

Email will continue to be the best way to contact the support helpdesk.

We’re also working on improving our My Account pages on the Performance Foundry website to allow clients to see which helpdesk conversations are still open, and which have been marked as resolved. The conversation will still take place by email, and clients will still be able to reopen closed issues just by replying to emails in the thread, but it will help with visibility. This should be particularly useful for clients who have more than one open conversation. We know that email inboxes can get a bit congested!

This is an ongoing project, which we plan to launch later in the year.

In the meantime, we’ll be continuing to provide great customer service, while doing our best to help our clients succeed.