For over 10 years, I’ve been helping grow stronger online businesses.

Through consulting, I’ve helped tourism organisations and traditional sales businesses transition to digital strategies.

Through Performance Foundry WordPress hosting, we’ve created bullet-proof, secure, high uptime WordPress hosting.

Through our WordPress development and WordPress retainer team we’ve helped build dozens of custom WordPress sites, hundreds of custom features, and empowered over $10 million in online sales.

I haven’t even tried to calculate the ad revenue our publisher clients have brought in, underpinned by Performance Foundry hosting and tech stacks. It’s a lot.

And every day, I’m wondering… how can I help my clients grow?

✅ Strong technical foundation

✅. Solid support and engineering

✅. Access to world-class dev team

It seemed like all the boxes were checked when it came to the tech stuff… So I started to think bigger.

In talking with clients, there were two things they wanted more of: traffic and money.

Most people with a good business plan were generating money, and knew that more traffic would mean more revenue. So that seemed to be a good place to start.

What’s the best investment in growing traffic?

It’s SEO. Simple.

Facebook, Instagram and Google ads are wonderful at generating interest in a new product or site that has no organic hopes of ranking. They’re also very efficient at driving people to a time limited offer or custom landing page.

No question there: it’s part of our marketing mix too. And if you need help, I have someone great to introduce you to.

But when you turn off the ad, you turn off the traffic. There are zero cumulative effects. Zero ongoing benefit to ad spend.

SEO, on the other hand, is a strongly compounding and cumulative game.

Better site structure, better content, more backlinks, more target client understanding are always going to keep paying off for you.

SEO is investing today, and reaping rewards in the near- and mid-term future. Some benefits are long-term, regardless of market change. And that’s a great investment.

How do we democratise SEO growth?

I already do some SEO consulting for companies, who pay for my expertise and get great rewards. And that’s all well and good when you have a board, shareholders and expense budgets.

But how do we help the small- and mid-sized companies’ sites become bigger, more profitable companies?

How do I best democratise and share the SEO knowledge in a way that doesn’t burn me out, while still being affordable?

Introducing SiteTrack AI – DIY SEO Software.

Smart DIY SEO Software

SiteTrack is pretty freaking smart. I’m so happy with it, I’m using it on all my private consulting work!

It takes data that you feed it about your keyword and website strategy, then data from sources like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and analyses that against your competitors and your own content.

That takes HOURS of manual work, and you’d normally pay an analyst and a data viz expert for it. Now, it all happens within minutes.

And because I don’t want to just have something that analyses data, it actually creates recommendations – an Action list of things you can do on your website right now which will improve your rankings and your traffic in the near future.

So it takes away manual time, gives you recommendations, and automatically updates those as it understands more about your site and your competitors. I’m excited about this possibility.

It’s pretty awesome. And just now it’s at an introductory rate of $49/month.

SiteTrack AI… It’s DIY SEO Software. It’s a bit like having a consultant in your pocket, but without paying the agency rates.

So I’m excited.

And if you want to chat online growth – from your site to your SEO to your strategy – join our band of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business owners on Facebook in the Online Business Success Network.