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Signing up to Performance Foundry has been, without doubt, one of our best investments to date. Our site is faster, the load time is quicker and our page views have increased by one third in just a few weeks. We could not be happier.


WordPress hosting for bloggers – because life is hard enough!
As a blogger, there’s always more to do: more posts to write or improve, more promotion to be done, more campaigns to plan and run, more social media to manage.

We get it — we’re bloggers too.

In the middle of all this, your site can get neglected — that “update plugin” notification sits ignored in your dashboard; the wonky sidebar is relegated to the “when I have time” basket. (Ha! As if that time will ever come.)

  • Perhaps a major issue has you trawling the forums looking for answers, eating time that could have been spent building your affiliate network.
  • Maybe your host has told you that you need to upgrade to a more expensive plan because you’re using too many resources.
  • Or perhaps your site is being penalised by the search engines because it’s loading too slowly — losing you visitors and revenue.

We can help!

We not only host your website, we look after it for you.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is more than just hosting. It’s a maintenance package to keep your site running well, and to fix issues when they come up.

Dozens of other bloggers use this service to save themselves time and stress. Plus, many have found that the performance improvements their site has seen since joining has been beneficial for pageviews and revenue.

What do we do?

Migrate your site to our servers

Host your site

Optimise for speed

Daily backups

Run updates

Keep your site secure

Answer your WP questions

Fix small issues

Case studies: See how we helped Living the Dream and We 3 Travel with their blogs.

What’s included?

  • Migration from your old host
  • FREE speed report worth $490
  • Assistance with changing email provider if needed (please note we don’t host email!)
  • Access to our helpdesk for all your WordPress questions
  • Secure daily backups, kept for at least 14 days
  • Ongoing malware and security scans, plus pro-active security suite
  • Plugin, theme and core updates
  • Small fixes and changes each month (up to an hour of development time)
  • Plugin, theme and performance recommendations
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Free staging site for testing changes if you need it
  • Access to our Performance Foundry Success Network secret Facebook group

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Don’t wait to make the change — switch to Performance Foundry’s Managed WordPress Hosting now.

Standard pricing of US$125/month or $1375/year (one month free) fits most blogs’ needs. If you’re seeing over 100,000 visits per month, one of our other packages might be a better fit for you.

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