About Performance Foundry

Managed WordPress hosting and web development — why us?

In 2013, Craig Martin turned a part-time WordPress consulting practise into a specialist WordPress Development and Hosting company.

By helping site owners to scale their business, in under a year Performance Foundry was a worldwide team of half a dozen managing over 100 websites for clients from Auckland to London; Dubai to San Francisco.

Performance Foundry is the web team you wish you had.

Performance Foundry specialises in WordPress solutions for businesses worldwide. We’re on a mission to become the best WordPress services company in the world.

Our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance is perfect for small to medium-sized sites. We love to see websites loading fast and performing well — we care as much about your site as you do!

We use excellent server technology and invest real human hours into maintaining and improving the sites we manage — we don’t just rely on automatic updates. Plus, we’re constantly implementing the newest best practices and making improvements to our service to keep it right at the cutting edge.

Our WordPress development retainer is a perfect addition to hosting with us; or can be combined with other hosting providers; giving you the building blocks of online success.

As well as keeping sites performing well, we also build excellent sites from the ground up and optimise existing sites for performance.

We believe in partnering with website owners to make sure the sites in our care are the best they can possibly be. We not only host your website, we look after it for you.

100% remote

One thing that sets Performance Foundry apart is the fact that our team is spread around the world, working from home or co-working spaces across four continents. This means that we can provide excellent helpdesk coverage as we aren’t limited to business hours in just one timezone. Plus, if you’re on a tight deadline, chances are that someone in the team will be working on your project while you sleep!

Key Staff

We’ve searched high and low to find the best developers and support people, wherever they may be in the world!

Craig Martin
Craig is the co-founder and Managing Director of Performance Foundry. He started Performance Foundry in 2014, and is learning how to build great remote teams and excellent client-focused products. A Kiwi, he loves wine, coffee and hiking.

Linda Martin
As a co-founder and Director, Linda has been part of Performance Foundry since the very beginning. After completing her Master’s in Spain in mid-2015, Linda took on an active role in Customer Services. Though she has recently taken a step back from operations, she remains a Director and is still involved in admin and accounts. She loves travelling, chocolate, Spanish, and disappearing into a good book.


Jennifer Wicks
Jeni is our Customer Service Lead. She spends her time travelling between Montreal, Canada, and Granada, Spain; and is currently finishing up her doctoral thesis on transnational art and teaching collaborations. She spends her spare time reading philosophy, drinking natural wine, and riding motorcycles – not all at the same time, of course.

Ricardo Correia
Based in the beautiful Portuguese city of Porto, Ricardo is our Chief Engineer. His passion for all things WordPress is demonstrated in his participation in WordCamps and WordPress meetups, and the fact that he has a podcast all about WordPress! He also likes going to the movies and relaxing with friends and a good bottle of wine.

Paul Grejaldo
Based in Iloilo City, Philippines, Paul is one of our fantastic WordPress developers. He loves the challenge of development, as well as the rewarding feeling of helping people out by solving code-based problems. He loves video games, movies, and learning more about all things tech-related.

Glenny Abellana
Glenny is the third member of our Asia hub, based in the city of Cebu in the Philippines. A WordPress developer, she splits her time between front-end development and the support helpdesk and loves continuously improving her development skills. In her free time, she likes listening to music, playing badminton, spending time with friends, and travelling.


Better WordPress websites

When looking for a web developer or managed WordPress hosting provider, the question “why Performance Foundry” is easily answered: we care. We truly want you to have the best site possible, and will do everything in our power to make sure you get it.

You’ll get excellent service from our Customer Service team, our developers will create custom solutions using their considerable knowledge and experience, and you won’t have to worry about keeping your site up to speed — because we’ll be doing that for you.

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new website, need a fresh digital direction, or want visitors to your site to have a better experience, Performance Foundry is here for you.

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