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I would highly recommend Performance Foundry for both managed hosting and SSL migration! I only wish I'd switched over sooner!

Lillie Marshall, Around the World L and Teaching Traveling

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Performance Foundry is happy to offer a significant discount to all FTB members on our Managed WordPress hosting!

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We’ve built our company to help you succeed.

Our founders started off their online lives as some of the world’s first professional travel bloggers. It was when they received more emails for tech help than travel help that they decided to start Performance Foundry.

We know how tough it is to make online publishing work, and we’re here to try and solve the big (and small!) technical issues for you.

We still run the travel blog (Indie Travel Podcast, if you’re interested) and you may have seen co-owner Linda Martin in the Female Travel Bloggers Facebook group. 🙂

You’ve built a successful business, but you’re dealing with website tech issues yourself? It’s time to level up.

It’s time to move to a host that really cares about you and your business, that not only hosts your website but looks after it too.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • A major issue has you trawling the forums looking for answers, eating time that could have been spent working on other things.
  • Your host has told you that you need to upgrade to a more expensive plan because you’re using too many resources.
  • Your site is being penalised by the search engines because it’s loading too slowly — losing you visitors and revenue.

We can help!

We not only host your website, we look after it for you.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is more than just hosting. It’s a maintenance package to keep your site running well, and to fix issues when they come up.

Many other female travel bloggers use this service to save themselves time and stress. Plus, many of our clients have found that the performance improvements their site has seen since joining has been beneficial for pageviews and revenue.

What do we do?

Migrate your site to our servers

Host your site

Optimise for speed

Daily backups

Run updates

Keep your site secure

Answer your WP questions

Fix small issues

Case studies:

See how we helped Living the Dream and We 3 Travel with their blogs.

Or check out Jeremy’s review of our service on his site.

What’s included?

  • Migration from your old host
  • FREE speed report worth $490
  • Assistance with changing email provider if needed (please note we don’t host email!)
  • Access to our helpdesk for all your WordPress questions
  • Secure daily backups, kept for at least 14 days
  • Ongoing malware and security scans, plus pro-active security suite
  • Plugin, theme and core updates
  • Small fixes and changes each month (up to an hour of development time)
  • Plugin, theme and performance recommendations
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Free staging site if you need it
  • Access to our Performance Foundry Success Network secret Facebook group

Plus, as a FTB member, you get 10% off any of our hosting packages! If you pay annually in advance, you’ll get the 10% discount PLUS one month free. This means our Foundation package is just $112.50 per month or $1,237.50 per year.

Coupon: ftbhosting

Which package is right for me?

We have a range of options depending on your needs! Please note, the prices below include your discount for being a Female Travel Bloggers member — use the coupon ftbhosting at checkout to get the discount.

As a general guide, if you’re seeing up to 100,000 pageviews per month, the Foundation package is likely to be the right one for you. We don’t charge by pageviews at all — in fact, if you see a spike in traffic one month we’ll celebrate with you! But pageviews tend to be correlated with resource usage, so it’s a good guideline when choosing your package.


The best platform for your WordPress website. Start on or migrate to a solid base to grow from with our most-popular package. This is really Managed WordPress Hosting with real human developer hours for every site!


  • Enterprise-ready WordPress hosting of one WordPress install
  • 10G disk space
  • 100G CDN bandwidth
  • Security suite
  • Daily plugin updates
  • As-needed theme updates
  • Daily backups to s3, with 14 days retention
  • Access to our email helpdesk for all your questions
  • Up to one hour per month of small changes and fixes
  • Fast AWS servers, page and object caching
  • Image compression (jpg, png)


Whether you’re a pro-blogger or media platform, our publisher package adds more file storage, enhanced image optimisation support, and more traffic to help you scale.


  • Everything in the Foundation plan, and:
  • Total of 20G disk storage
  • Total of 400G CDN bandwidth
  • SFTP file access
  • WebP enhanced image compression and delivery

Publisher Plus

With traffic like yours, it’s great to have a little extra help! Publisher Plus helps you go big with more specs and personal reporting to help you meet your goals.


  • Everything in the Publisher plan, and:
  • Total of 30G disk storage
  • Total of 1,000G CDN bandwidth
  • Additional server resources
  • Total of two hours per month of small fixes and updates
  • Quarterly performance call
  • Monthly speed reporting

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Use the coupon ftbhosting to get 10% off our monthly services. If you pay annually in advance, you’ll get the 10% discount PLUS one month free. This means our Foundation package is just $112.50 per month or $1,237.50 per year.

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