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Griffin Stewart, 5DayDeal.com

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Our clients trust us

Chris Hargreaves

Total Utilities Management Group

Craig and the team have always gone the extra mile by taking the time to understand our business requirements, providing an extremely professional and efficient personalised service.

We recently requested Performance Foundry commence a trial of SEO optimisation. We are seeing real gains in turning clicks into hard leads through the expert analysis and detailed reporting that Performance Foundry provide.

We would happily recommend Performance Foundry to any other businesses that are looking to build a long term solid relationship with their SEO optimisation / website maintenance provider.

Griffin Stewart

Founder, 5DayDeal.com

Since the last [problematic] sale we hired the team from Performance Foundry to do a complete overhaul of the site for speed and optimisation. If you need help with a high performance WordPress website, I highly recommend Performance Foundry.

Rebekah Plotkin

Grassroots Business Fund

We recently redid our entire website, moving it from Drupal to WordPress. As we started testing the site, we realized it was slow to load and the mobile site was a disaster.

We called up Performance Foundry asking for help. Craig and his team did a fantastic job speeding things up and optimizing the site for mobile users. All of this while meeting our short deadline and a tight budget.

Ana Silva O’Reilly

Mrs. O Around the World

I have been working with Performance Foundry for over two years now and I have three words to say — peace of mind. I know my website is in excellent hands and every time there is an issue or I add something new to the website I couldn’t hope for a more responsive support team.

I trust the team so much I have hired them independently to some of my consultancy clients as I totally trust their technical abilities and won’t let me down. On a personal note, everyone from the team is a delight to deal with. Mrs. O approved indeed.