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Performance Foundry specialises in better
WordPress websites for businesses worldwide.

Corporate sites. E-commerce and membership. Lead generation. Blogs and publishing platforms. Fast, secure and at scale.

We’re the online team you wish you had in house.

The best thing about working with Performance Foundry is that I feel I can trust them.

Colleen Lanin,

Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

We not only host your website, we look after it for you.

What do we do?

Migrate your site to our servers

Host your site

Optimise for speed

Daily backups

Run updates

Keep your site secure

Answer your WP questions

Fix small issues

Enabling Bigger Business

Griffin’s business was growing. runs flash sales for photographers: thousands of dollars of training and software reduced to around a hundred bucks. But Griffin and his team just couldn’t handle the traffic from hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Until they came to Performance Foundry.

For the first time in 5DayDeal history the servers did not crash during the initial onslaught of hour one…

Since the last sale we hired the team from Performance Foundry to do a complete overhaul of the site for speed and optimisation.

If you need help with a high performance WordPress website, I highly recommend Performance Foundry.

Griffin Stewart,

Seven Steps To A Great Website

The Foundry Seven Step Process is the heart of our development work. It keeps you in control, and your project on time and on budget.

Our process ensures consistently excellent websites with a completely personalised approach. Each WordPress website we build is unique and custom made, with each of our seven stages designed to ensure you receive professional service at affordable prices, and finish with an excellent website.

1. Exploration

You tell us what you want your website to achieve for your business, and we go from there.

2. Website Framework

We create the framework for your website, decide how visitors are going to move through it, and identify the job which each page has to do.

3. Design

Your website takes shape, colour and form.

4. Development

We use the design choices you made to build upon your website framework, and our development team tests every feature and link.

5. Staging

We're almost there -- adding content, fixing bugs, and training you to manage your site.

6. Launch

We launch your website when you want and how you want – overnight with no fuss, or with fireworks in collaboration with your PR and marketing teams.

7. Maintenance and Optimisation

We keep your website running with managed hosting, security monitoring, regular updates and website optimisation.

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Does Performance Foundry Work Well?

Let's ask our clients!

Becky Pokora

I was a little nervous before making my hosting switch since there were so many possibilities on what could go wrong, but Performance Foundry was patient with me to walk me through everything they were doing. They do all the heavy lifting and keep it incredibly simple for you. It was a flawless transition and I’m thankful for all the hard work they did on my behalf.


Hippie in Heels

Why I moved to Performance Foundry

My site was down with A2 hosting and they were not bothered about fixing it. I was paying them around $30/month and paying my dev 50/month yet when I had issues they just blamed each other. In the end PF was cheaper for me and offered WAY more, it was a no-brainer.


I’ve joined the affiliate program so hope to save money on hosting through that – and the monthly fixes that are offered are great. This month I had them make a pop up for my ebook! I love that each month I can get something off my design/dev to do list for free.

What I love about Performance Foundry

They did the full speed test and work up of my site when I switched over, got rid of plugins, seem as OCD as me and seem to really care about my site functioning well – I was overly impressed.

Why should someone switch to Performance Foundry?

I would see if they are paying a dev a monthly fee – and if so, it’s probably a no brainer to switch because it saves money and time to not go between people. I’d also see if they are having downtime and want to strangle their host when on the phone lol, because wasting time with that holds us back with our blog and businesses.

Since switching, I haven’t had an issue yet when I had a month with family in July in the USA I was on the phone every other day fighting with A2 hosting about my site going down – it was horrible and I wish I switched sooner. The money is why I didn’t but once I worked out the dev costs and what was included with PF it is actually cheaper!


Lillie Marshall

Around the World "L" and Teaching Traveling

Moving to Performance Foundry

I’d been with a “top rated” host for over 5 years, but began to realize, after seeing Craig’s wise comments on Travel Blog Success, that my “#1 host” was actually steering me wrong and hurting my site in a number of ways. When that host completely broke my site for almost 24 hours after doing a required upgrade, I knew I had to switch to someone who actually knows the cutting-edge technology, and how to use it correctly.


After moving to PF, not only did my site speed up significantly, but PF found a MAJOR database error that had been messing up my sites for years that my old host didn’t catch. After days of hard work, PF was able to find a brilliant fix for it, which I am so appreciative for.

Postitive vibe

Everyone at PF is so professional, pleasant, helpful, and knowledgable. It helps that I personally know and fully trust Linda and Craig, too!

Why switch to Performance Foundry?

The clearest example for PF’s superiority for me was my differing experience between my old host and PF with regards to SSL implementation, since I have two sites and did one of each.

With my old host, SSL implementation was done in a clunky way that was full of weeks of errors and issues. In contrast, my SSL migration with Performance Foundry was seamless and brilliant. None of the errors that I got with the old host happened, and PF’s support and knowledge were stellar.

I would highly recommend PF for both managed hosting and SSL migration! I only wish I’d switched over sooner!

Side note: Performance Foundry offers web design! This is another thing I wish I’d known and used earlier!

Chris Hargreaves

Total Utilities Management Group

Craig and the team have always gone the extra mile by taking the time to understand our business requirements, providing an extremely professional and efficient personalised service.

We recently requested Performance Foundry commence a trial of SEO optimisation. We are seeing real gains in turning clicks into hard leads through the expert analysis and detailed reporting that Performance Foundry provide.

We would happily recommend Performance Foundry to any other businesses that are looking to build a long term solid relationship with their SEO optimisation / website maintenance provider.

Ali Garland

Travel Made Simple

I made the switch to Performance Foundry as my hosting provider when it became clear that the previous plan I had wasn’t able to handle the kind of traffic I was getting. The switch was seamless and I never noticed any down time. They were even able to find a way to keep my email address on my old hosting plan (where I have a couple other smaller sites) which saved me a lot of headache.

Almost immediately I noticed an uptick in traffic. In the short time I’ve been with them, I’ve done several things to improve my search traffic, but it’s clear that one of the things that has helped is being with Performance Foundry. They fixed up some things on my site to make it run faster, and my traffic (and bank account) are showing the results.

It’s a little weird to hand over the reins on a few things I’m used to doing myself or having my husband/developer do for me, but I know Craig and Linda and their staff know what they’re doing. I’m definitely happy I made this switch.

Robson Cadore

Love and Road

I was facing downtimes and lack of support of my previous host.

Performance Foundry not only have my site up & running 100% but also helped me to fix several speed issues on my website.

Best decision ever!

Kerri McConnel

Beer and Croissants

I’ve spent most of my years in the corporate world looking after customers, and after one too many bad customer experiences with my original host, I went looking for someone more professional.

Being fairly new to the blogging world at the time, I didn’t really feel as though I could justify spending a lot of money on a host. But it was hard to overlook my values of quality and integrity.

Time and time again, since signing on with Performance Foundry I have had my decision validated. Exceptional customer service, every time, and only the very best of help and support. The fact that they ring me a couple of times a year just to “check-in” is testament to the value they place on customer service.

Being able to do everything I need to to run my business is so much easier knowing these guys are my back end support.

David Lee

Travel Blog Success

Craig Martin has been a part of Travel Blog Success, my online community for travel bloggers, since it launched in 2010. Over the years, I’ve watched him engage and help bloggers firsthand.

In Fall 2016, when Travel Blog Success was experiencing multiple technical problems, in part due to changes in the server environment of our web host, I appealed to him for help. Because the issue was affecting our sales, he treated it as a high priority, working over a dozen hours to troubleshoot the problem.

Ultimately, we were able to resolve the biggest issue, and a host of smaller ones, by moving Travel Blog Success to Performance Foundry’s hosting. Since then, we’ve used Performance Foundry to perform a variety of small and medium design-related tasks, and have been very happy with the support and results.

I’m happy to recommend Craig and his team to bloggers everywhere!

Katja and Victoria

We had been unhappy with our previous hosting provider for a while and had investigated other hosting options but didn’t find one that we thought would be more reliable.

When we heard about Performance Foundry, we loved the idea but were unsure about the cost involved. Having been with Performance Foundry for nearly two months now, I wish we had made the jump sooner!

Signing up to Performance Foundry has been, without doubt, one of our best investments to date. Our site is faster, the load time is quicker and our page views have increased by one third in just a few weeks. We could not be happier.

Simon Pierce

Planet Ocean

I switched over to Performance Foundry from a budget host after I installed a “site down” monitoring alert. As it turned out, my website was regularly offline, and I was also noticing exploits such as URL injections. I’m trying to develop a WordPress-based business, and it was abundantly clear to me that my lack of technical knowledge was likely to result in ongoing problems.

I solved this situation by switching to Performance Foundry. Their expert, personalised assistance immediately meant that I have dramatically improved site uptime (it’s as close to 100% as it can reasonably be), and their specialised hosting led to a massive speed boost, which immediately resulted in more traffic. I’ve also got the peace of mind of knowing that magical ninja WordPress security elves (I’m pretty sure that’s how it works?) are securing my site from external attack around the clock.

Basically, Performance Foundry manages the site for me, so I can focus on my business. I’m so glad I made the switch.